Our most important asset

Much more than the average company we believe in the power of our most important asset: our people and a well balanced team.

Uf schmal

Ulf Füllgraf

Managing Director

Investment Oversight & Portfolio Construction

Over 25 years of experience in Banking and Asset Management. 

Previous positions include Head of Portfolio Management at SUVA (Switzerland) as well as Founder and Head of DEKAs Multi Asset Business.

Diploma in Banking Administration Frankfurt School of Finance and SAHT, Frankfurt.

Direct contact
+49 (40) 89 72 73-18

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Benjamin Badel

Managing Director/Senior Analyst

Investment Analysis & Portfolio Management

Over 10 years of experience in Asset Management. Experience in scientific numerical programming (at German aeronautics and space research centre/DLR) and specialized in quantitative investing.

Diploma in Mathematics from Kassel University, Quantitative Investment Analyst (EBS/DBG)

Direct contact
+49 (40) 89 72 73-21

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Olaf Waltjen


Risk & IT

Over 20 years of experience as IT Consultant and Senior Software Developer amongst others at Audi.

Core areas include Software Design as well as Database and Application Development

Diploma in Computer Science from Dortmund University

Direct contact
+49 (40) 89 72 73-23