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An investment program for institutional customers seeking an active approach to collect long-term outperformance of factor premia in contrast to market cap weighted indices, while the risk is controlled and transparent. Based on Alpha Centauris longtime track record we combine clearly defined characteristics and a risk-based access to extract premia in one of the best solutions available. In comparison to the competition, we offer further transparency with monthly performance, risk and scenario analyses.

Factor Premia

"Made in Germany"

The majority of factor premia strategies currently available on the market - no matter if available as a fund or an index - are based on unrealistic data and contain a significant amount of unwanted systematic risk besides the intended target factor.

A constant target tracking error as well as an intelligent risk management throughout the whole process ensure that the strategies do not contain unwanted risk exposures.

Alpha Centauri is known for the quality of its factor premia.

Flexible Structuring

and extensive reporting

UCITS has become a standard for quality, but for a lot of investors it is not the only possible way to invest. For our solutions we offer a variety of ways to structure, including Swaps, Structured Notes, Managed Accounts, Options and others.

Based on our infrastructure - designed to offer insights into performance and risk structure - we provide monthly analyses and information for investors for extraordinary transparency.

Alpha Centauri provides easy and tailor-made access for investors.



“CO2 footprints are priced and have been paid during the last six years“ – is one of the results of a collaborative study of Alpha Centauri, Prof. Alexander Bassen (Uni Hamburg) und ISS Ethix Climate Solutions (vormals South Pole Group).

This is the first application of Alpha Centauris systems and analysis processes on the topic of sustainable investments and created a familiy of strategies with reduced carbon footprint.

Alpha Centauri developes forward-looking concepts to address the demands on climate friendly investments.




AC Equity Europe Long Short Multi-Faktor Investment in "Hidden Champions"
Target volatility 5%, various wrappers possible
AC Equity Income Bond Replacement
Target volatility 3%, various wrappers possible
AC Climate Smart CO2 reduction and performance - read our white paper!
Various strategies available, see the landing page for more information
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