Alternative Beta

For institutional clients looking for a liquid investment alternative to bonds or hedge funds - as far as possible free of traditional market risk. Our Absolute Return solution offers a market neutral, risk controlled approach to alternative factor premia across different asset classes. It does not require „expensive“ CPPI style guarantees and takes the role of traditional bonds with respect to return and diversification. In comparison to competitors we exclusively work on a fix-fee basis and offer our investors additional benefit and transparency by monthly performance and risk analytics as well as scenarios.

Made in Germany

Risk premia are a compensation for bearing systematic risk beyond market risk. For stocks as well as other asset classes they are empirically well documented since the work of Fama/French (Market, Value, Size), Carhart (Momentum) and Roll/Ross (Arbitrage Pricing Theory).

A transparent methodology, the purity of premia and an intelligent risk management on portfolio level are our components for success.

Alpha Centauri predominantly invests in in-house developed risk and factor premia.

Flexible Structuring

UCITS has become a standard for quality, but for a lot of investors it is not the only possible way to invest. For our solutions we offer different wrappers, including Funds, Swaps, Structured Notes, Managed Accounts, Options and others.

Based on our infrastructure - designed to offer insights into performance and risk structure - we provide detailed and transparent reports on a monthly basis.

Alpha Centauri provides tailor-made access for investors.

Strong Partnerships

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Alpha Centauri works with leading providers and establishes long-term partnerships.




AC Alternative Beta Liquid alternative multi-asset risk premia absolute return strategy
Target volatility 5%, various wrapper possible