Risk solutions

Based on Alpha Centauri´s longstanding experience with risk management, optimization, absolute return investing and risk budgeting we offer clients parts of our know how for expanding their risk management capabilities and analytics.


For clients, who practise professional funds research and / or managers selection and like to obtain deeper insight into the risks taken by funds over time.

Funds@Risk creates visibility of relative and absolute risks of a fund over time, breaking them down by using several criteria and therefore offers maximum transparency of analytics.

In addition to already existing analytics,

  • due diligence processes can be organized more specifically
  • costs can be saved and
  • risk budgets can be exploited more efficiently

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Risk Reporting & Consulting

Discover new ways to identify, analyze and intelligently manage risk drivers beyond capital allocation.

Our solutions uncover absolute and relative risks of a portfolio, thus generating maximum transparency and offer client specific configurable „risk scans“, tools for portfolio planning and scenarios for single and multi- asset portfolios.

Generate “value added” for your investment portfolios by

  • lowered Cost/Return Ratios
  • improved diversifikation
  • better performance

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For institutional clients looking for long-term outperformance of factor and / or risk premia with a desire to construct their own portfolios.

Our solutions offer access to single premia and multi market baskets from different asset classes, „as pure as possible“, free of systematic risk beyond target factor exposure and combine clearly defined characteristics with a risk-based approach to premia extraction to one of the best solutions in the marketplace.

We additionally offer maximum transparency through

  • monthly performance,
  • risk and scenario analytics

for every single strategy

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