Climate change has finally become a mainstream investment topic within the financial industry. The wider availability of better-quality data together with the political will to achieve international climate goals have shifted the focus from investment risks to -opportunities.

It is possible to build an equity market neutral position with a negative portfolio CO2 footprint to hedge (or lower) current footprints in financial and non-financial assets.


Maximilian Horster

Managing Director at ISS

"We see great interest from investors who both wish to tackle climate change, and to rely on well-proven methods for creating added value in purely financial terms."

White paper

The search for climate-smart investments - the case of European equities


Ulf Füllgraf

Managing Director at Alpha Centauri

"We have extensive experience in factor based investments strategies. Based on ISS-ETHIX´s database, we developed a suite of climate smart portfolios - spanning equity long only, market neutral and long short solutions."

Climate Smart Long Only

Long Only factor investment with market exposure but reduced carbon exposure.

Factsheet: English German

Climate Smart Long Short

An alternative to hedge funds, with a focus on performance and a negative portfolio carbon exposure.

Factsheet: English German

Bespoke Solutions

Equity solutions (Long Only/Long Short) targeting individual requirements.

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