October 2020: iSTOXX Europe Factor Indices Quarterly

The Smart Beta Mirage…

Alternative Factor Premia and risk management

"Made in Germany"

ALPHA CENTAURI, an independent multi-asset management boutique founded in 2005 and based in Hamburg, Germany. We are an investment manager specialized in liquid alternatives - with a special emphasis on equity factor investing. Our team has a strong focus on innovation and developed the iSTOXX Europe- and iSTOXX USA factor indices, paving the way for the first European factor futures at EUREX as well as the first market neutral factor ETF globally by AMUNDI.


Our People

Much more than the average company we believe in the power of our most important asset: our people and a well balanced team.

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Our Products

Alternative investment solutions require specific and skillfully combined return drivers with advanced risk management skills.

Our processes allow for cost-efficient and yet customized implementation.


Our Philosophy

Transparent and systematic investment solutions driven by economic rational and disciplined risk analytics. We highly value strategic partnerships.

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